Lutron GRX-3104 Grafik Eye 3000 Series 4-Zone Preset Dimming Control Unit

Lutron GRX-3104 Grafik Eye 3000 Series 4-Zone Preset Dimming Control Unit

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Item# Lutron GRX-3104

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  • Description: Lutron GRX-3104 Grafik Eye Incandescent / Magnetic Low Voltage / Neon / Cold-Cathode / Tu-Wire Fluorescent 4-Zone Control Unit
  • Can link up to 8 GRAFIK Eye Control Units (8 addresses) for up to 48 zones
  • Up to 16 Accessory Controls for total of 24 control points
  • Built-in Infrared Receiver/Optional Infrared Wireless Remote Control
  • Can increase individual zone capacities to 30,000 W/VA at 120V/277V
  • Power Interfaces are necessary for Fluorescent (GRX-FDBI) and Electronic Low Voltage (GRX-ELVI). Power Interfaces are not required with HP 2-4-6 Dimming Module.
  • GRX-TVI– Provides a 0-10V output that conforms to BSI 929. Can be used to switch all lighting loads, including metal halide and electronic ballasts. If switching other non-lighting loads, use a relay by others.

    Note: System requires interface at 230V.



    GRAFIK Eye Model No. No. of Zones Wallbox Size in Gangs* 120V 100V (-JA) 220-240V (-AU) 230V-CE (-CE)

    GRX-3104- GRX-3504-







    Global Product Offerings

    Volts Zone Capacity
    120 V 6.7 A / 800W / VA
    100V 6.0 A / 600W / VA
    220-240V 5.0A / 1200W / VA
    230V 3.4A / 800W / VA
    * Mount in standard multiple gang wallbox, 2.75" deep minimum, 3.5" deep recommended.
    † (1) No. SB-4G required.
    †† CE requires SB-4G (4 gang) wallbox.
    Sources: Incandescent, magnetic and electronic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, fluorescent (with Lutron dimming ballasts), switched loads.
    Power Failure Memory: Lights automatically return to prior levels: scenes and fade times are saved.
    Input Power: 50/60 Hz from conventional utility systems. Consult Lutron if power is from a generator.

Installation Manual are in Adobe Acrobat format. Select from one of the following:
GRX-3000 Series: English  Spanish  

GRAFIK Eye 3000 System Wiring Diagram (Click on the picture to view larger versions of these images)
Diagram below illustrates basic system wiring for GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series Control Units. Note: For wiring multiple Control Units, Interfaces, and Accessory Controls, system wiring should be: Low Voltage Class 2 (SELV) 4-wire daisy chain of two No. 18 (1 .0mm 2) twisted pairs (4 wires); two Belden 9740, or one Liberty LU02PSH18EX-GRN. For complete system wiring information, see 3000 Series Installer’s Guide.
P/N 032-118 (PDF format)

Power Booster and Interface Wiring
For GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series controls only, Lutron Power Boosters can be added to increase zone capacities. Consult factory for other load types (e.g. HID). (For 120V, Power Interfaces are not required with HP 2 - 4 - 6 Dimming Module.)


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