E-Mon D-Mon Load Control Option for Class 3000

E-Mon D-Mon Load Control Option for Class 3000

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Item# E-Mon D-Mon Load Control

Model: Load Control


The Load Control Option is designed to operate at user selectable high and low set points providing users with the capability to reduce electrical (kilowatt) demand. By proper selection of the high kW limit, the Class 3000 meter can be used shave expensive electrical demand peaks by shedding loads or activating a local generator. The low kW limit point will allow the road to return to normal operating power independently as pre-set parameters are set.

A user selectable timing feature will delay activation to eliminate short term "nuisance" functioning, such as a short term motor start or compressor burden. Once activated, the relay has a second user selectable timer (hold control) which keeps this relay active if the load falls below the low set point immediately after operation. This is designed to prevent short time cycling that could occur in the control of an HVAC compressor.  

Load Control Features: (See Class 3000 Meter Spec for Standard Features)

  • Program via four easy-to-use internal buttons.
  • Lockable enclosure prevents unauthorized access.
  • Displayed values include:

            -High and Low threshold set-points.

            -Timer settings.

            -"Real-Time" load in kilowatts.

  • Three-screw terminal block for easy connection to controlled load.







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