Lutron RALB-CHR-W RadioRa WALL-MOUNT Chronos Package

Lutron RALB-CHR-W RadioRa WALL-MOUNT Chronos Package

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Item# Lutron RALB-CHR-W


Description: Lutron RALB-CHR-W Radio Ra Radio Frequency Lighting Control Large Button Chronos WALL-MOUNT VERSION Dimming Package.
  • RALB-CHR-W-WH = White
  • RALB-CHR-W-IV = Ivory
  • RALB-CHR-W-AL = Almond
  • RALB-CHR-W-LA= Light Almond
  • RRALB-CHR-W-BL = Black
  • RALB-CHR-W-BR = Brown
  • RALB-CHR-W-GR = Gray
  • RALB-CHR-W-HT = Hot
  • RALB-CHR-W-MR = Merlot
  • RALB-CHR-W-PL = Plum
  • RALB-CHR-W-TQ = Turquoise
  • RALB-CHR-W-TC = Terracotta
  • RALB-CHR-W-GB = Greenbriar
  • RALB-CHR-W-BG = Bluestone
  • RALB-CHR-W-MS= Mocha Stone
  • RALB-CHR-W-SG = Sea Glass
  • RALB-CHR-W-TP = Taupe
  • RALB-CHR-W-ES = Eggshell
  • RALB-CHR-W-BI = Biscuit
  • RALB-CHR-W-GS = Goldstone
  • RALB-CHR-W-DS= Desert Stone
  • RALB-CHR-W-ST = Stone
  • RALB-CHR-W-LS = Limestone
  • RALB-CHR-W-SW = Snow
  • RALB-CHR-W-PD = Palladium
  • RALB-CHR-W-MN = Midnight
  • RALB-CHR-W-SI = Sienna
  • Chronos Packages include the greatest selection of RadioRA lighting control system features. Control your lights from anywhere in your home or from your car. Use the Chronos astronomical timeclock to automate lighting changes based on time of day or relative to sunrise/sunset. Simulate your normal routines using the "Away" mode to give the appearance that someone is home. Integrate with your security system and other whole-home systems using contact closures and an RS-232 input. Custom engraving is included for large button master controls to personalize your system.
  • Note: The RF Signal Repeater, Tabletop Master Controls, Car Visor Control Transmitters, or Multi-Function Entry Master Controls included in RadioRa packages are only manufactured in White.
Certification: UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards

For RadioRa RALB-CHR-W Spec Sheets, Click Here.







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