Intermatic T51211BC 7-Day Timing Control Center with Carryover, T50000 Series

Intermatic T51211BC 7-Day Timing Control Center with Carryover, T50000 Series

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Item# Intermatic T51211BC

Model Number
  • Provides photo control initiated/time switch terminated control
  • Provides control of 1, 2, or 3 circuits
  • Provide different ON/OFF program each day of the week and a spring wound
  • Recommended for applications where you need to turn a load ON at dusk and OFF
    at a preset time
  • Spring wound carryover provides a carryover of 16 hours maximum to maintain
    accurate load control even during power failure
  • Carryover automatically rewinds itself when power resumes
  • Only 1 hour is required to rewind the carryover for each 2 hours of outage
  • Light level adjustment is provided on the photo control
  • All models have single pole double throw switches and manual circuit by-pass
  • Unit is designed to control the contactor coil circuit only
  • Not recommended for direct switching of tungsten, mercury vapor or similar loads

Parking Lot Lighting Landscape Lighting Billboard Lighting Entryway Lighting
Storefront Lighting Stairway Lighting Car Lot Lighting Security Lighting
Enclosure: NEMA 1 Rated Indoor Steel
121 ⁄2 in. H x 81 ⁄4 in. W x 37⁄8 in. D
Optional Enclosures: None available
Contact Rating: 15 Amp, 1 ⁄2 HP, 125-250 VAC; 420 VA Pilot Duty; 150 W Tungsten,
125 VAC (May also be used with 24 volt systems if wired in accordance with National
Electrical Code Regulations.)

Model Number: T51211BC

Description: Circuit A- Sunset, Photo Control ON- Preset Time Switch OFF Clock Motor Volts AC 60 Hz- 120

                         Circuit B- Sunset, Photo Control ON- Sunrise, Photo Control OFF Clock Motor Volts AC 60 Hz- -

All models have separate clock motor terminals for switching circuits not on line voltage. For additional trippers (7 ON/7 OFF per pack), order No. 156T2548A.







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